Why Every Irish Business Needs Irish MoneyPenny?

Peace of Mind

Knowing your accounts are completed on time avoiding unnecessary penalties

Saves you Money 

Only pay for what your business needs

Saves you Time

Freeing up your precious time to focus on what you do best

Increases Productivity

Having your invoices out in a timely manner allows you get paid faster creating more cash flow for your business to grow

Business Owners

Need help with your books?Losing Sleep because of your Finances?How many times have you said…”Why do I leave it to the last minute?!!


Bookkeeping Help is at Hand…

Irish MoneyPenny offers professional, confidential, flexible and affordable bookkeeping services and payroll services to small businesses.

We offer an outsourced or onsite bookkeeping service, a weekly, monthly, bi-monthly or annual services depending on your business requirements.

Irish MoneyPenny can tailor a package to suit your business needs at affordable prices.

Want your own finance department but your business doesn’t need a full time employee?

Irish MoneyPenny offers flexible availability and can work as little or as much as your business requires. This can be beneficial for small businesses as you only pay for what your business needs saving you money on staffing costs, office space, supplies and reducing your accountancy bills.

Are you a Start-up Business? Want to know where to start? What books to keep?

Starting your business or in the first year of business is daunting, nerve racking and exciting all at the same time. Irish MoneyPenny takes the stress out of your business by providing a Start-Up Accounts Package with information on Business Registration, Tax Registration, the Bookkeeping System and Supports available. We can offer you advise on what books, receipts, documents, statements to keep, revenue returns and much more.

FREE Initial Consultation

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We can tailor an affordable solution to suit your business needs.